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NFT Lab Club – Be part of the crypto and NFT investment community

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What is NFT Lab?_

NFT Lab’s exclusive community club and resort in Baja for investors and Techpreneurs.

NFT Lab Club Community Access_

It is a membership that belongs to a select group of investors. Only 3,690 NFT’s will be mined.

Education – receive weekly information about the fastest growing cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the market.

investment Pool_

Members with 3 NFTs have access to the investment pool, 50% of all NFT sales go to the investment pool receive 50% of profits every month after a 6 month investment period 


Receive rewards for being one of the first members, 2.888% of royalties will be given to the first 66 members for life.

Lifetime Membership | 1 NFT
  • As long as you don’t sell your membership, you will have lifetime access to NFT Lab Club.
  • Join our weekly community meetings and learn about investing in Crypto and NFT’s
Investment pool | 2 NFT’s
  • 50% of secondary sales will go to an investment pool.
  • 20% of monthly earnings will be distributed among members with two NFTs.
NFT Club Resort | 3 NFT’s
  • 50% of all NFT primary sales are designated to an investment pool
  • After a period of 6 months receive 80% of the profits distributed to all members that have 3 NFTs
Investor Community
  • Join people who think and have similar values when it comes to technology and vision of the future.
  • Access to information and purchasing strategies for NFTs and Cryptocurrencies with the highest growth.

Our technology_

Our NFTs in Polygon’s blockchain, versatile, low-cost gas technology

Our Art_

Inspired by the Matrix movie.

Collection: 3,690_

A limited number of memberships.


Each NFT contains a rarity level depending on the color and code segment.

Polygon Blockchain_

Our NFTs are within the Polygon network, a multi-layer technology.

Welcome to NFT Lab Club_

Ready to become part of the Metaverse and join a unique community of extraordinary individuals.


First airdrop of 27 NFTs to take place on March 18th, 2022


3,690 memberships

>Discord Community

Weekly investment education sessions via Discord

>Network access

Connect with our network of investors


Surprise rewards will be given according to your contribution level


Unique and collectible art with a degree of rarity

NFT Lab Club Airdrops_

March 18th, 2022
27 NFT memberships

First 66 NFT memberships receive a 2,888% profit for life.

June 2022
99 NFT memberships

First 66 NFT memberships receive a 2,888% profit for life.

August, 2022
Quantity to be announced

Receive a surprise NFT from our network of artists.

December, 2022
Quantity to be announced

Reward to be announced.


April 2022

The first 66 NFT members receive an art piece from NFT Lab Club.

March 2022

First Airdrop and launch of NFT Lab Club. 27 NFT’s ready for minting on Opensea.

May 2022

A random member will receive a VIP access to Tulum Cripto Summit. A limited edition swag line (T-shirts, badges and more) is launched.

August 2022

3  members will be selected at random and will receive a VIP access to Web 3.0 Summit in Mexico City.

September 2022

All expensive paid for a Crypto Summit in Baja for three community members

July 2022

NFT Club Summit: Networking and Industry Experts Event. July 12 -15, 2022

December 2022

Sale of 100% of the NFTs. Profits from the investment pool will begin their distribution schedule for members with 2 NFT’s.

Each NFT is a unique level of rarity_

Rarity is determined by the colors of your NFT. Each color has a particular chance. The rarer the color, the more unique the art.

Our Team_

Team Experts in the Technology Industry

Daniel Sánchez Pérez
Hugo Cen
Tenotch Slim

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Ready? Register_

Enter the Whitelist_

Fill out the form and receive the opportunity to join the whitelist.


    If you believe in the community project, your investment is in good hands.

    Once the first airdrop is released, you can sell your NFTs on the secondary market.

    One NFT per user.

    We have rewards for being the first buyers:

    2,888% lifetime royalties to the first 66 buyers.


    1. NFT Lab Club Lifetime Membership.
    2. Lifetime access to NFT Lab Club Resort and community spaces for networking.
    3. Ownership in the Metaverse.
    4. Surprises as the community progresses.