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Development Services

Nearshore blockchain development. Blockchain can help you solve a wide range of business problems, from security and regulatory compliance to handling increasing demands on data.

Remote Blockchain Developers

Hire your dedicated team of blockchain developers

Custom Build solutions

Build enterprise solutions on the blockchain

Talent Recruitment

Looking for talent? Our pool of developers with our recruitment process ensures you hire the top talent

Benefits of Working
with NFT Dev Labs

Nearshore development is the right move when it comes to expanding your team or building new projects

Same North American Time Zone

Your time is valuable, we work on your same time zone to maximize efficiency

Native English Speaker

Communication is our priority our project managers are Native English Speakers

Latest technologies

We strive to push the envelope and work with established and upcoming new frameworks

Quality and Affordability

All of our developers are certified and previously trained by us to ensure quality .In average working nearshore development projects is 50 to 60% lower in cost

Blockchain applications:

Nearshore development is the right move when it comes to expanding your team or building new projects

Custom Blockchain App Development

Our team will make sure your IoT application is running at peak performance with comprehensive maintenance and testing services.

dApps Development and Designing

With our end-to-end services, you can focus on your business instead of worrying about the blockchain.


Self-executing, irreversible code triggers actions when predetermined conditions are met. This can be used for automating payments and information exchange across different systems.

Crypto Token Development

The process of tokenizing assets allows for the representation and trading as cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Wallet Development

Hire the best blockchain developers from NFT Dev Labs to design beautiful, secure wallets that will hold your cryptocurrencies safely.

NFT Collection

Create your unique NFT Collection on any blockchain: Polygon, Etheruem, Solana or multilayer

Blockchain to
disrupt modern industries

We share our deep and insightful expertise with businesses operating in different industry sectors, including: SMEs, Large Enterprises & Government Institutions.

Financial Services






Travel and Hospitality

Social Media Platforms

Loyalty Programs




Our Blockchain Developers

Blockchain Expertise In:

General Programming Skills:


We constantly train our developers in:

Nearshore Pricing Model

Depending on the experience and skills of all developers we have ranked them as:

Developer L1

Training and developing
with code at least four months.
Rate per hour ranging: $10 - $14

Developer L2

Training and developing with code at least 7 Months and have solid experience in blockchain projects. Rate per hour ranging: $15 - $20

Developer L3

Training and developing with code at least a year, and have become proven working successfully in several projects. Rate per hour ranging: $21 - $30

Why choose NFTLABCLUB with nearshore for your developers?

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We are proficient in any and all technologies that need to go into making your product a success. Here’s how we do it: Hyperledger Fabric, then Indy followed by Stellar or Algorand.

We encourage you reach out through our contact form above if: Your proposed idea involves tech services; You want professional advice from experts in app development (i..e., not just low-quality work); The budget ranges between $500-$50000 dollars

Blockchain is a great way to establish transparency and trust in any application. Reach out by filling out our contact form on the right side of this page, we’ll be happy help you assess if blockchain would work for your idea!

To be successful, your app needs to use the latest technology and there’s no better way than blockchain. Hiring a development company that specializes in creating real-world applications for various industries will ensure you get what is needed when it comes up with an idea or need of yours!

From idea to launch, we’ll help you turn your innovative concepts into reality. We use our expertise in software development and provide round-the hour support that is tailored for each client’s needs – no matter how large or small they are!

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